Dare to live on the edge and let nature bring out your adventurous side! Danasan Eco Adventure Park has several exciting adventures lined up, just waiting for you to conquer your fears. So let go of all anxiety and let live!
Way of the Cross and Grotto
To replenish and awaken the spirit, take a lovely walk or stride with a horse at the parks grotto and way of the cross. The pilgrims journey starts near the Main lobby that circumnavigates around the other side of the Park. Added positive stimulus for up-keeping your faith are the mountains of Asturias , the two lakes inside the park , landscapes and greenery with fresh air and cool breeze at your side.
Danasan Falls
Php 400.00 (1 green adventure pass) per head has about three (3) levels of captivating waterfall drops. During the two hour (2h) trek , marvel each section and be fascinated by one fall to another fall, and another one. After which, the adventure has just begun as the Tyrolean and the sixty feet (60ft.) rappelling at the waterfall vicinity takes over.
Tyrolean, Rappelling, Trekking and Waterfall Exploration
Php 800.00 (2 green adventure pass) per head. Tired of the same old walls and concrete recreational activities? Learn the basics of rappelling from our guides and get the bragging rights of rappelling down a 40-feet drop water fall. So you think the fun is over? Finish up with a big victory jump and take an invigorating swim at the Falls. Adventure waits!
All-terrain vehicle (ATV) Trailing
Php 800.00 (2 green adventure pass) per head. We cant simply deny our guests with the ultimate fun ride, therefore the Danasan Eco Adventure Park renders twenty (20) all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for amusement consumption. The ATV trail goes on the inner part of the park compound and up beyond the hilly sides. One cannot merely just ran out of place to explore at Danasan Eco Adventure Park.
Php 400.00 (1 Green Adventure Pass) per head.• Four lanes with 180 meters long cable back and forth.
Php 500.00 (1 yellow adventure pass) per head.
Wall Climbing (Twin Tower Adventure)
Php 800.00 (2 green adventure pass) per head. For Adults and Children (For Age 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required from ages 14 and below). Need to work on upper body strength? The hundred and twenty foot (120 ft.) wall climbing challenge is perfect for such body building activity. With stop points at 60ft. (, 80ft.?), One can marvel on the extent and the vastness of the Danasan Eco Adventure Park. If fatigue has overthrown the body, a request to be pulled up can easily be arranged. Once on the top, a perfect three hundred sixty degree scene (360°) of perfection!
High Cable Traverse (Twin Tower Adventure)
Php 800.00 (2 green adventure pass) per head. For Adults and Children (For Ages 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required 14 years and below). The Danasan TriPeaks offers coasting from one tower to another. The hundred and fifty feet (150ft /46m) distance between the towers can be traversed effortlessly. By gliding down the air, one would soon realize that the trip from a height of 120 feet (120ft) to the midsection of the secondary tower about sixty feet from the ground (60ft) was an acrobatic success. Steady as the wind blows, as one can only imagine.
Rappelling (Twin Tower Adventure)
Php 800.00 (2 green adventure pass) per head. For Adults and Children (For Ages 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required 14 years and below). Wishing for a slower and steadier experience?. On one of The Danasan TriPeaks, hopscotch/ descent your way by using a line to reach the ground. Know the different types of rappelling, the hasty rappel, inverted rappel, seat-shoulder rappel, body rappel and seat-hip rappel. See how it feels like climbing down in a crosswise position. Coming from a regular height and a humble rope of sixty feet (60ft), a gracious person is all that is missing.
Zipline and Horseback Riding
Php 500.00 (1 yellow adventure pass) per head. For kids and adults. With a tall vantage point, every man-made structure built for amusement can be seen in this four hundred forty meter (440m) long ride. Friendly staffs double and triple check each harness and safety lines (attached to the rider.) As the experience goes on, fresh green foliage and blue skies! Getting in between the fifty foot shallow cliffs (50ft.) and with a speed of fifty kilometers per hour (50km/hour), it could make a mans heart skip a beat or two. Upon reaching the end, a humble horse awaits to be ridden (for the next activity).
Sky Drop
Php 800.00 ( 2 green adventure pass) per head. For Adults and Children (Age 10 onwards * Parental Guidance for 14 years and below). Gravity, knowing its full meaning is simple. Come, we will show you! Ascending with modesty, the machine takes about three (3) minutes to reach the pinnacle (120ft.). The perceptual experience? A Birds-eye-view towards the Mountains of Asturias. The sky and earth is evened out, you are in the middle of both places. Subsequently, gravity takes over , a free fall from the heavens all the way back to the land and the biggest swing ride of a hundred and thirty feet (130ft.) going back and forth after the big sky drop. A sudden whoosh! An after swing ride. *It might take a while to get your floating soul back on ground.
Horse Back Riding
Php 400.00 (1 green adventure pass) per head. Height requirement of four feet and five inches to six feet and two inches. Pick a suitable horse at the stables for a change of pace. The steward can either walk the horse with the passenger or each rides one on the horse trail. Interact, see and feel the nature of our park. The horse trail almost encircles the entire compound, pathways near the lake, the clubhouse and up some hills! As the horse gently gaits, so does the breath-taking scenery slowly display.
Wake Boarding
Php 500.00 (1 yellow adventure pass) per head for two hours (2h) including gears. Energetic adults and children plainly need to try the wake board experience the park is offering. A water room of sixty meters (60m ) of distance with a basic obstacle course such as buoyed ramps, control and teaching staffs and loads of stunts to try on! Two hours (2hrs) of fun and excitement.
Ropes Course
Php 400.00 (1 green adventure pass) per head. Be agile as a monkey and out-trick our twelve (12) obstacle rope course. The utility poles were built to enhance high elemental activities and to secure each persons safety with an attached safety line. A challenging outdoor recreation that can build-up muscles and develop ones personality. This makes the rope course perfect for team-building activities and personality development education.
Shuttle Service
Shuttle services are readily available to and from Danasan Eco Adventure Park. For inquiries or bookings call 2395654 or 09228655779.
Room Accommodations
The Park prides itself not only with the adventure facilities that you will require, but also with comfortable accommodations that will surely provide you with the best service among other hotel accommodation.
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